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Vapour-Dreams by Sin1039 Vapour-Dreams :iconsin1039:Sin1039 2 0 Me in anime form by Sin1039 Me in anime form :iconsin1039:Sin1039 6 2 Me as I am now by Sin1039 Me as I am now :iconsin1039:Sin1039 1 0
Blooded Roses ch. 3
Blooded Roses ch.3
Thinking of the past.....
Ramona's pov.
It's been three weeks since the cave incident and I'm still surprised that Al is alive. For all these long years I thought that my only friend I had as a child was gone but now I found out she is still alive and well and is fighting for the other side. I personally never had any problems the vampire race or any other kind, if anything I believe this is a stupid war and that we should end it and make peace again. But I know that it's only a foolish wish to have peace again. I wasn't really sure what started the war but all I know that it's killing a lot of innocent people from both sides. As I was looking back at my past I remembered that I was not the bravest child but I was a coward either especially when it came to Al being bullied for being the only vampire living in our neighborhood and with no parents no less. I still remember when I first met her. She looked more like a girl at the time with her long dark brown hair and g
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Blooded Roses ch.2
Blooded Roses ch.2
Ch.2 "remanising"
"Ramona.....wake up..."
Its that voice again but its different.....
"Wake up!"
I awoke from my slumber and looked around, trying to regain my surroundings and find out how long I've been asleep. I looked around and saw that I was in a cave and I was laying on a small straw bed that was covered in many soft wools to make it more comfortable. Then it all came back to me, the cave, the blooded floor, the wolf, Al! As it all came rushing to me I held my head to ease the pain. As I reached with my left arm I felt a very sharp pain on my side and grabbed it right away. As I grabbed my side, I heard some kind of foot steps coming my way and fast. I looked to my right side, disparatly looking for my samurai sword but felt nothing. I looked and notice that my sword was nowhere in sight.
Al: "Looking for this?"
I looked up to Al and saw that she had my sword in her hand. As much as I needed my sword I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, she won't hurt m
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Ask Sin1039 #1 by Sin1039 Ask Sin1039 #1 :iconsin1039:Sin1039 1 2
Blooded Roses: Bienvenue chez moi
It’s been ten years since the war started.
Ten long years of agony and death.
To think this land and its neighboring nations once lived together in harmony, now struggle to survive under the greed and fear of the human population. Well, some more than others.
To get a better understanding, I guess we have to go back to the beginning before the war. A time of happiness and unity between humans and non-humans. A time where I spent my best days with my best friend before she disappeared.
My name’s Ramona Addams. I was born and forever lived in the human populated city of Jewel City here in Canada (or “la Cité de Bijou” as some call it in French, I sometimes just call it “Bijou” for short since my French is bad. Gosh, why didn’t I bother to learn French? Anyways I’m getting sidetracked.).
Jewel City is a big, modern, and technologically advanced city (well not as big like our somewhat close neighbor Toronto and stuff, but still big)
:iconsin1039:Sin1039 2 0
Blooded Roses CH.1
Blooded Roses CH.1
........Ramona........Ramona, wake up...
"Wait I know that voice...."
....Ramona, wake up. Your needed right now.....
"Whose calling me? Who are you???"
Ramona: "Gah!!!"
???: "Oh sorry captain, I didn't mean to scare you..."
Ramona: "It's alright Tom, you didn't scare what is it that you needed?"
Tom: "Oh um lieutenant Silver wishes to speak to you right away. He said its important."
Ramona: "Very well your dismissed soldier."
Tom:" captain..."
Ramona: "Yes Tom?"
Tom: "Do you think that this meeting your having with Lieutenant Silver has anything to do with a pure blood vampire???"
Ramona: "...What makes you say that?"
Tom: "Well with all the reports coming in from the other search team, it got everyone a bit on edge..."
Ramona: "It's most likely about the attacks but I doubt that its from a pure blood, after all they all died out and now where just hunting down the low level vampires. Bit don't worry, of it is a pure blood then its our job
:iconsin1039:Sin1039 1 0
Blooded Roses prologue
Blooded Roses
Many years ago there were four race that lived side by side with one another in peace; the humans, the vampires, the werewolves and wercats, and the demons. But soon everything changed when the humans became fearful and angry towards the vampires for they know that vampires live off of their blood. But soon the humans have found out the weaknesses of all the others including the vampires, so they began to use their technology and made weapons that ate specialized in killing the vampires, and other weapons to kill the others in case they needed them, and soon broke the peace and started to hunt down every pure blood vampire for they knew that they where the only ones that can put a stop to the war of they were together with the other vampires. And soon all the pure bloods were gone.
The werepeople joined the humans in exchange to be spaired of deaths and they'll give them their loyalty and people to them.
As for the demons, they did not care for they saw no benefi
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Baby Discord by Sin1039 Baby Discord :iconsin1039:Sin1039 3 3
Harmony and Chaos CH.1 the meeting (rewrite)
CH.1 the meeting
As Amy and her faithful assistant, Tails were about to arrive to metropolis, Tails noticed that Amy looked shocked and upset at the same time. He knew exactly what was on her mind.
Tails: "Amy don't you think your over reacting on the legend just a little?"
Amy: "How can you not! I mean if it comes true then we'll be living in eternal darkness!"
Tails: "Amy its just a legend that they tell to kids just to give them a good scare. And besides we're here to make sure that everything is going as planned. And to as he had quoted "make friends" and we're going to do that weither you like it or not."
Soon they arrived at metropolis they grabbed their things and headed to the library which they will be staying for the night. As they walked they saw a male bat with long dark purple hair and red colored eyes and he had a smile that seemed quite contagious.
Tails: "Oh look a local! Amy go up and say hi."
Amy: "What I'm not just going to go up to some stranger and say hi. I'll loo
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Eris by Sin1039 Eris :iconsin1039:Sin1039 1 0 Eris, the lady of chaos and disharmony by Sin1039 Eris, the lady of chaos and disharmony :iconsin1039:Sin1039 1 0 Lullaby for a King, Shadow's reply by Sin1039 Lullaby for a King, Shadow's reply :iconsin1039:Sin1039 2 0
Long ago there were two hedgehog brothers that ruled, protected and kept balance and order in Möbius. They say that these two brothers are a very last descendants of the old God that now lives in the center of Möbius, Gaia. The brother not only have powers beyond comprehension but they also had wings that are strong enough to carry them and fly off with speed. The elder brother, named Shadow, had the powers to rise the moon, stars and night. Some even say that he can also enter other peoples dreams while they slept. The youngest, named Sonic, had the powers to rise the sun and day. With there powers being opposite from each other, they brought balance and order to Möbius and to each other. But soon the elder brother grew jealouse and angry towards the younger brother for everyone on loved and enjoyed his brothers sunny days and none toward his dark and beautiful nights. Soon the darkness in his heart grew dark and consumed the elder brother that he allowed a nightmare de
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Lullaby for a King by Sin1039 Lullaby for a King :iconsin1039:Sin1039 3 0



Okay I know I haven't posted anything for alomg time and here's why:

A) been busy on taking care of myself
B) decided to start a project that's based on my story Harmony and Chaos
C) been stuck on the blooded roses story but will continue on it as much as possible
& D) dealing with a break up the that happened two month ago and this month if we were still together it would have been a year. 😒 (Ass wipe)

So yeah that's my situation right now but if you need to contact me please do write me. I'm always on, and if there is something that you needed or wanted to ask like I said write me.
Thank you.



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United States
I decided to do a make over on my profile cause to me it looked ugly so yea here you go

Username: sin1039 duh!
Real name: Izzy
Favorite book: Dracula, Frankenstein, hellsing volumes, and lots more when it comes to vampires (anythimg but twilight, i mean i use to ve abig fan of it but looking back at it its complete trash and a mockery of real vampires)
Favorite colors: Black, Blood red, purple, white, gray, and pink
Favorite food: Japanese, Chinese, Philippinose, and Mexicans (and or occasions American food cause some of them are kinda good and junk so eh)
Places i want to go: Japan, Italy, England, Mexico city, and Transelvania (just because i want to drink wine from Dracula's castel........dont judge me! Xb)
If i could be anything, what would i be:............i think its ovious on what i want to be but if not, vampire
Personal quote: ashes to ashes, dust to dust, for we came from dust........


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